Cirkus Trattofon

Idag i eran stad! Imorgon i Paris, Milano, Tokyo!

Like runaways from a silent movie, like escaped from an antique shop! With their hand-drawn paper moustaches, instruments, sausages, cameras and other props, they create a sense of old cartoons. It’s acrobatics, juggling, dance and clown. It’s alternative logic, shortcomings and energy.The curious couple plays for parties and festivals, children and elderly, street and scene!


Energetic and beaming with positive energy. Acropanic is a lighthearted family show with an abundance of acrobatics, dance and physical comedy. Two colorful clowns are kicking off an energetic show, interrupted time and time again by confusion, hunger, jealousy and panic - up until the acrobatic finale.

Length: ca 30 minutes

Language: no language

Required space: 4x4 meters (preferably, but not necessarily, 3 meters to the ceiling)

Requires amplification for the music (can be brought).


Apart from the performance, Circus Trattofon has a diverse and original walkaround act, suitable for festivals, clubs and events with lots of people and music. The two colorful characters interact, play and dance with the audience. They start bands with their paper instruments and get the spectators to join in, make them pose for pictures with their paper camera or even “shave” them with a giant paper razor. Always friendly and flattering, yet unpredictable and over the top.

Circus Trattofon consists of Marija Meded and Jerry Lasota. They went to teachers in physical theatre and clown such as Avner Eisenberg, Lana Biba and Ronlin Foreman. Over the years this resulted in several individual acts and children’s shows. Their current characters began as a walk-around act for a nightclub in 2014, but has since evolved into the children’s show Acropanic, which has performed around 300 times, mostly in Sweden but even on street theatre festivals in France, Poland and Italy.


mob. 073-701 53 77

Cirkus Trattofon

Fastlagsvägen 57

12647 Stockholm